con·tin·u·ous adj.
forming an unbroken whole; without interruption.
forming a series with no exceptions or reversals.

Custom designs are a fun way to express yourself or a perfect one of a kind gift!

Please note that due to the customization, these may take a little more time to make!

The Continuous

Wrist Size
Pave Bead (10mm)
Lava Bead (Black)
  • Thank you for choosing SheenBalla to express your uniqueness and beauty.

  • Custom orders may take up to 15 business days.

    Due to the customization, all sales are final.

    SheenBalla will repair items as long as all the beads are retained.


We look forward to connecting with you! Lets connect to create custom bracelets for every occasion!


Phone: 336-303-1483

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