What is a Shamballa bracelet?

The healing and spiritual messages of Shamballa bracelets are a comfort to those who wear them and believe in the philosophy but also are an amazing piece of ancient design that is truly current and has achieved popularity with people worldwide. Choose your beads and gemstones to suit your personality or spiritual needs. At a basic level the original Buddha Shamballa Bracelets were made from simple hemp cord and wooden beads, sometimes Sandalwood. They are also available in diamonds, and semi precious stones with healing properties such as amethyst, tanzanite, rose quartz, and agate. Metal and ice diamonds or crystals are the featured look for a lot of men. This monochrome look makes it very wearable for men and the Shamballa bracelet looks as good with a city suit as it does with casual attire. For women, these beautiful bracelets complete every outfit and are red carpet worthy as well as great for every day looks.

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Custom Items-

Due to the uniqueness of custom jewelry, items must be paid for prior to creation. You will have the opportunity to preview your jewelry before completion.



All items are shipped within 10 business days. Some custom orders may take longer depending on materials.



Due to the uniqueness of custom jewelry, there is not a return/exchange policy.



Limited Lifetime Warranty

As long as I am alive and able, your bracelet can be repaired.


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