SheenBalla offers custom pieces that express your uniqueness and beauty. Each SheenBalla tells a story and has special meaning; it’s a reflection of it’s owner.


As SheenBalla’s Chief Creator, it’s an honor and a privilege to create pieces that you will wear, gift, share for years to come.

Meet the Chief:

Sheena johnson is a self made entrepreneur with a servant leader's heart.

After serving in the Air Force, she moved to corporate America where she has 20 years of leadership & training experience. Passionate about balance, Sheena enjoys working out, running her business, being a mother to her 2 boys, and everything that allows her to support their community.

SheenBalla is a hobby that introduced Sheena into the world of entrepreneurship. Experiencing the freedom of owning her own business, her mission became creating a network that cultivates the creativity in others so that they can share their gifts & talents with the world.

Support Yourself.

Encourage Yourself.

Love Yourself.

Our Mission

To provide a spiritual, physical and emotional network that cultivates the creativity in people so that they can share their gifts and talents with the world. 


Our Vision

To be the global standard of excellence in custom products and in entrepreneurship.

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